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You know, sometimes I forget about this site and don’t post as often as I should. Instead, I’ll tell you where I have been posting lately! You can read my article on increasing your web site traffic and creating community in 7 Steps to Creating a Waterfall of Traffic. Also you can read about Why WP-SEO is the ultimate WordPress seo plugin, or Why the Boss TU-2 is the tuner every guitar player should have.

There – now you know what I’ve been up to (and I promise I’ll try to post here more often)!


I haven’t posted anything in awhile, I’ve gotta get back into the groove of posting on a regular basis. I wanted to talk a little bit about deals online. I’ve been shopping online since 98-99, and there are just tons of sites out there looking to give you a compilation of the greatest deals out there. But there are two sites that I’ve used consistently for the last 5-6+ years. This is not a paid endorsement in any way – I use these sites all the time.

The first one is Woot is a weird one, they basically only sell one thing per day – and it’s something they have a surplus of. It’s run by the same guys that do, so most stuff is probably a surplus of what they have from that site. Besides the unique one product offering per day (until it sells out), every single thing has only $5 shipping. It doesn’t matter if it is a flash drive or a 20lb package with stereo speakers – it’s still $5 (per item ordered). Usually the item of the day is discounted 50% or more to move them fast. They sell everything from mp3 watches, to hard drives, projectors, video cards…I even saw a grill utensil kit once. Most stuff is pretty geeky, but I’ve seen vacuum cleaners and blenders too. I bough my wireless G router on there for $20 almost 5+ years ago (when they were 100+) and it’s still going strong. They have an rss feed, check it every day so you don’t miss out on bargains.

The second one is They round up all the latest deals from all the sites like best buy, circuit city, dell, gateway, amazon, etc. It’s a great way to check out the latest bargains all at once from one page. There can be like 20-50+ posts per day, so it can be a lot to view. I usually read the rss feed for like a week whenever I’m looking to get something specific.

I buy a lot of books and odds and ends from amazon, so I’m going to toot my own horn a bit here. I put together a little amazon portal on one of my other sites called The Smorgasbord Store. When I want to buy something from amazon it’s nice to use this store because when you go to amazon, sometimes the pages take forever to load from all the suggestions and listmanaia! thingies they are trying to push at you. Using The Smorgasbord Store, you just get the straight products from amazon without all the extra crapola. Check it out, it works pretty good!

Here’s one last one……I’ve always been able to get my flash cards for my digital camera much cheaper than anyone I know, and about 80% cheaper than buying them in the retail store. The last few times I bought (an SD) flash memory card I bough a 2GB card for only $9.95! And shipping was only $5. That is still about the cheapest I’ve ever seen, and it wasn’t some no-name or off brand either – these were Kingston cards. I now buy all my flash memory cards exclusively through Adorama Camera. Why are they so cheap?? They are a “grey box reseller”, which basically means that they are selling you a retail box item imported directly from China or Taiwan (imported themselves) without going through a middleman and without the expense of a retail store. If they can import these and sell them that low, and still turn a good profit, just imagine how marked up everything you buy everyday at your local store is. The same 2GB card was selling at my local store for $50-$60 last month!

If you have sites that you find amazing online deals through or use a lot – please comment now!

All the Best Jokes

Jokes are funny. They break up the time and make you laugh. It seems like people send me lots of jokes. And also funny pics and videos. All of that “pass it on” forwarded type of email. I ignore a lot of it. At least from people who have in the past had a tendency to send me crap. But there area select few that consistently send me nice little gems that have me rolling on the floor. What do I do with all of these funny things? In the past I just filed them in a folder I had for “funny emails”.

A couple months back I began to think “I should share these!”. So, I had to go and buy yet another web site Top Jokes. Now I dump all my funny stuff there. There’s almost 100 funny things there already – like the latest funny joke I posted:

An old Scotsman was talking to a young man in a pub. “Laddie, look out at that field. Do you see that fence? Look how well it’s built. I built that fence stone by stone with me own two hands. I worked for months, but do they call me MacGreggor-the-Fence-Builder? Nooo.” Then the old man pointed to the bar. “Laddie, look here at this bar. Do you see how smooth and just it is? I planed that surface down by me own achin’ back. I carved that wood with me own hard labor. I worked on it for weeks. But do they call me MacGreggor-the-Woodworker? Nooo.” Then the old man points out the other window. “Laddie, look out to sea. Do you see that pier that stretches out as far as the eye can see? I built that pier with the sweat off me brow. I nailed it board by board. But do they call me MacGreggor-the-Pier-Builder? Nooo.” Then the old man looks around nervously, making sure no one is listening. “But, ya screw ONE goat…”

Visit Top Jokes

…Because I handpick the jokes myself – and because they’re funny!

It didn’t seem possible just a month or two ago, but a lot of people seem to think that Sanjaya Malakar will become the next American Idol. Is he really that popular? Is the American public going to vote for another underdog? Maybe it’s not quite what you think. The web site for instance wants to see the worst singer become the next American Idol in hopes of wrecking the show. And who are they telling everyone to vote for every week? Sanjaya – who they consider to be the worst on the show.

So Sanjaya has made it into the top 8 finalists on AI now…how many more weeks can he go? Will he get close to becoming the idol – or actually become the final American Idol himself? He will if Howard Stern and his fanbase have anything to do with it. Every day on his show he encourages his fans to vote for Sanjaya as many times as they can each week. Howard promotes as well, and wants Sanjay to win to become the ‘worst Idol ever’.

If Howard and his fans have the push – it may just be working, because preliminary results last night at had Sanjaya predicted to be as much as 5 times ahead of everyone else in predicted results. Love him or hate him, a lot of people are betting on Sanjaya to win! For more Sanjaya and links, check out one of the Sanjaya fan sites like


Sanjaya has been voted off American Idol for good!!. =(

This is pretty cool…it’s a flash movie where this guy drew a woman ‘from the inside out’.  You see him drawing it out line by line – the movie is basically a recording of him drawing in real time…well anyway – check it out.  It takes a couple minutes to watch, but it’s really cool…well worth the time spent.

So many stories on the web about Britney Spears partying without her underwear, and a lot of them blame it on her partying with Paris Hilton when it happenned. And because of this keywords with “Britney Spears” are some of the top ones searched every day in the search engines. Yahoo says she’s their number one search celebrity (now).

Even so, only a very few sites have these nude crotch flash pictures of britney. Who knows if it will damage her reputation or not. In the end, it just may further it – and nobody will end up caring. If you really want to checkout the pics, just view the Britney no panties photos roundup to see high res shots of her getting out of the car commando . Not safe for word – be forewarned!

12 Million iPhones ordered?

Apple ordered 12 million iPhones from Foxconn in Taiwan – and looks like they’ll be available sometime in the first half of 2006. So now Apple’s getting into the cell phone business…and added another way to make more iTunes money.

My Sprint phone charges $2.50 per song in their music store, I’m sure that the iPhone will be the same .99 cents per song as the regular iPod/iTunes Music store. So – will they dominate due to the low pricing on sings – or will it force Sprint, Verizon, and the others to reduce their music store pricing to .99 cents?? This will change the cellular marketplace for sure….

The Zune Sucks?

This article says the zune sucks. They even give the top 10 reasons why:

  1. It’s just as proprietary and closed as the iPod
  2. It won’t work with any of the other Microsoft PlaysForSure Music Stores
  3. You can’t use Windows Media Player to load the Zune with Music
  4. Built in Wifi connects you to other Zune’s only – not wireless networks
  5. You can share songs with other Zune’s over wifi, but they will auto-delete after 3 days, and you can NEVER send them to that person again
  6. It even imposes DRM and 3 day sharing limits to files YOU create add to your Zune – like mp3’s from your garage band
  7. You can share music and photos with other Zune’s over wifi – but NOT video
  8. The Zune store doesn’t sell tv shows, movies, audio books, or have podcasts
  9. There are no additional apps, no stopwatch, no clock, no address book, etc.
  10. It comes in brown. Are they advertising it’s a turd?!?

Does Microsoft have any hope of a successful launch with this thing?

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