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The Zune Sucks?

This article says the zune sucks. They even give the top 10 reasons why:

  1. It’s just as proprietary and closed as the iPod
  2. It won’t work with any of the other Microsoft PlaysForSure Music Stores
  3. You can’t use Windows Media Player to load the Zune with Music
  4. Built in Wifi connects you to other Zune’s only – not wireless networks
  5. You can share songs with other Zune’s over wifi, but they will auto-delete after 3 days, and you can NEVER send them to that person again
  6. It even imposes DRM and 3 day sharing limits to files YOU create add to your Zune – like mp3’s from your garage band
  7. You can share music and photos with other Zune’s over wifi – but NOT video
  8. The Zune store doesn’t sell tv shows, movies, audio books, or have podcasts
  9. There are no additional apps, no stopwatch, no clock, no address book, etc.
  10. It comes in brown. Are they advertising it’s a turd?!?

Does Microsoft have any hope of a successful launch with this thing?