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Keith Richards – Pirate Guitar Player^keith richards pirate guitar player

Keith Richards is the like renegade swashbuckling pirate of rock and roll – isn’t he? It’s no wonder that Johnny Depp modeled his character of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean after him. He’s like the original rocker that keeps on rockin’! His licks are just timeless, and it’s not like he’s any kind of shredder, or blues genius – he doesn’t have to be! He just oozes cool, both onstage and off. And is there another guy really who’s smoked as many years as he has and is still standing?

Norah Jones and Keith Richards: Love Hurts

Keith Richards: Eileen

Keith Richards: Somethin’ Else

Rolling Stones: Honky Tonk Woman

What’s your favorite song with Keith Richards on guitar?

Albert Collins – the Iceman^

Check out Albert Collins, “The Iceman” back in 2003 paying the blues! He was know as the “Master of the Telecaster”! He had what the considered a vicious right hand attack, because he played completely with his finger and not a pick at all! He was also known for playing out of a Fender Super 6 Dual Reverb with 6 speakers in a cabinet aslmost as tall as him! Albert Collins is considered one of the original bluesman from the 60’s+.