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It didn’t seem possible just a month or two ago, but a lot of people seem to think that Sanjaya Malakar will become the next American Idol. Is he really that popular? Is the American public going to vote for another underdog? Maybe it’s not quite what you think. The web site for instance wants to see the worst singer become the next American Idol in hopes of wrecking the show. And who are they telling everyone to vote for every week? Sanjaya – who they consider to be the worst on the show.

So Sanjaya has made it into the top 8 finalists on AI now…how many more weeks can he go? Will he get close to becoming the idol – or actually become the final American Idol himself? He will if Howard Stern and his fanbase have anything to do with it. Every day on his show he encourages his fans to vote for Sanjaya as many times as they can each week. Howard promotes as well, and wants Sanjay to win to become the ‘worst Idol ever’.

If Howard and his fans have the push – it may just be working, because preliminary results last night at had Sanjaya predicted to be as much as 5 times ahead of everyone else in predicted results. Love him or hate him, a lot of people are betting on Sanjaya to win! For more Sanjaya and links, check out one of the Sanjaya fan sites like


Sanjaya has been voted off American Idol for good!!. =(