I’m jtpratt. This is my WordPress.com site, you can find more than 200+ WordPress related articles at my main site www.jtpratt.com.   I’m a WordPress Consultant, and I specialize in SEO, blogging, content writing, affiliate stores, competitive analysis, PPC, and WordPress Security.  I offer a free WordPress Security Guide to help you from getting your WordPress self-hosted web sites hacked.  I am a consultant for hire, and I do work online full time for a living – but I blog and publish all kinds of free information to give back to the WordPress community.  One of my more popular series is 30 WordPress Hacks in 30 Days.  I’ve been using WordPress for about 4-5 years now, and I even started a new site about 6 months ago called WordPress Directory.  Anyone can submit and list their WordPress powered site there for free, and I add in all the useful WordPress pages, plugins, themes, and links I find on a regular basis as well.

Do you need help with WordPress plugins, theme, SEO, or security? Fill out my contact form, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


  1. Sharon

    Where the heck have you been? I miss you…
    Still working at Fords?
    I am still at Carson Hwy….
    Stay in touch ok?

  2. hi john!
    dave here – worked with ya at Ford way back when. i was a hack Web dude for GPIRS 🙂

    saw yer site linked in that computerworld article – very cool!

    anyway – hope alls well.

    dave m.

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