Transsexual Tasting Water

Sounds kinda weird doesn’t it – transsexual tasting water? I just read this article over at Treehugger about Gender Bending Chemicals in the water. I read the article just to find out what the title meant. It turns out that people are taking hormone therapy drugs in record numbers, not to mention all the people taking male enhancement pills and birth control. One thing you may not be aware of it that all that stuff gets peed back out! And where do you think it goes? It doesn’t just get absorbed by that person’s body. One part of that study showed that some of these hormone therapy drugs are pissed back out at an 85% level!!

Up in Canada, researchers in the great white north put some of these drugs in five parts per trillion of a lake. Male fish nearly quit producing, and it killed one type of fish right off. Some scientists believe that this kind of stuff in the water is making male genetalia smaller and their man boobies bigger! It may also be making less male babies. Now how much water are you going to drink?


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